Why Idiots Go Vegan | MUKBANG Vegan Pizza

SUBSCRIBE: I hope you enjoy this MukBang! Today we talk about Veganism and everything the you probably don't know about! We have plenty of documentaries to watch to inform you about why people go vegan. Here is a list of Vegan documentaries that you should watch! Earthlings (2005) Dominion (2018) Blackfish (2013) Cowspiracy: The Sustainability

Healthy Vegan Desserts/Snacks: Banana Pizza & Nice Cream

Aaand another cooking video! Today’s video is of my very simple but delicious, Vegan Banana Pizza and Nice Cream. These two are some of my favorite snacks/desserts, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Enjoy watching me make these delicious and healthy treats! And make sure to let

No Oven No Yeast Veg pizza video | Homemade vegetarian pizza without yeast recipe

#noyeastpizza #vegcheesepizza #noyeastnoovenpizzavideo Hello everyone, Only few hours left for new year and i wish you all a great new year. Today's video is about HOMEMADE PIZZA'S. We all love pizzas but buying from store is not that healthy so do try this yummy and easy pizza at home and

Пицца с овощами! Вкусно и быстро!

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