Easy Red Lentil Soup with Tempeh Recipe [VEGAN]

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*Red lentils don’t have to be soaked before cooking, but you can do it if you want to*

I am loving lentils lately. Eating it sometimes twice a week! It is super easy to make a huge batch for the whole week. Use red/yellow lentils if you feel lazy and don’t want to stand in the kitchen for to long, yet still want to eat a healthy meal. It takes 30 minutes in total to prepare.

The ingredients I used:

– 250g of organic red lentils
– 2 big carrots chopped into small pieces
– The half of the stem of a broccoli head chopped into small pieces

Add these to your liking:

– Tempeh
– Garlic
– Cumin seeds
– Kombu
– Cayenne pepper

You really don’t need all these ingredients to make a delicious lentil soup. I am experimenting lately with all kinds of flavors, so I encourage you to do the same and find out what you like.

A basic lentil soup can be made with lentils, water and some of your favorite condiments.

If you have any other video requests let me know in the comments and don’t be afraid to message me on my other social media platforms.

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Thank you so much for watching! I love you guys!

Filmed with a Canon G5X.
Music by: Shima33 – SUPER BOMBER~!,
John Woodward – Little Tomcat (instrumental version)
Animation of Kirby by: Cook Kirby GIF Animation
by Galaxia34 on Deviant Art.

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