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This is our chic vegan wedding. Every aspect of this surrealist unconventional wedding was designed and handpicked by us to be exactly what we wanted. We are so grateful to everyone involved to make this the special day it was. I hope you enjoy watching our special day.




Huge thanks to Colin Vaillancourt for shooting & editing our wedding!
Email: cvaillan93@gmail

Creating an experience for our guests was our main priority. We
wanted the wedding to provoke creativity. Being a vegan chef and
foodies, having the food up to our standards, and surprising our
guests with what was possible with vegan food was a huge part of
what we wanted to create as well.We wanted to express our creativity and create an experience. For us it was about having every part of our venue, and every moment that was created for each guest to be unique, memorable and almost an art piece on its own, we wanted to overwhelm people with creativity in every moment they had, like being in a playground of mini art installations for all the senses.

Our ceremony was set in the courtyard of the Darling Mansion, under the overhang of overgrown vines and trees, with Chinese parasols hanging above, draped between the trees, the fire escape, and the sculptures, we had our guests and our bridal party for the ceremony.
Our family friend, officiated our non-denominational service, along with a “legal officiant” from the city, for the signing of
documents. Our vows were promises to each other about how to be the best partners we can be. Poems in English, German and Arabic were read, an homage to our respective heritages.
A sort of unique tradition we also incorporated was a “ring warming
ceremony” where the rings were passed around while the poems
were read, and people in the bridal party held the rings and imbued
them with love and well wishes.
Music being an incredibly important part of our lives meant that we
maticulously crafted the playlists of every part of the day. Candice
walked down the aisle to the sound of Cat Power’s “Sea of Love”
which had everyone instantly in tears, and we celebrated the
recessional with Cake’s “Love You Madly” with a ton of energy.

Our 4 course french vegan tasting dinner was very private (only 35
guests), and our additional guests who came to the reception
arrived outside in the courtyard where there was a satellite bar set
up. So, finishing that incredibly dinner, with emotional speeches in
between, and walking outside to the courtyard (after a few
excellent glasses of wine ) to greet our close
friends who were all waiting for us to celebrate together was a
pretty incredible moment. In the courtyard, we walked up the old
fire escape and cheers with all the guests through the twilight of the
string lights, overhanging plants, and Chinese parasols. It was a
pretty incredible feeling.

Our food was done by Acorn Catering in Toronto. They hand crafted a totally unique french-inspired vegan tasting menu, like nothing we’ve ever seen. It was really something else. Their attention to detail, work ethic and customer facing service etiquette was 10/10. We’d refer them to anyone.

The Darling Mansion is a grand brick mansion built in 1888. This chic B&B lies in the hip West Queen West district of Toronto. An eclectic collection of artefacts and a sinfully-indulgent sense of interior design bring a surreal and Daliesque dynamic to this exciting historic property. The first floor features a bohemian dining room, drawing room and back yard garden. The second floor features four uniquely-themed bedrooms. The “Opium Den” Room, the Flamingo Room, The Magic Carpet Ride Room (with a bed suspended from the ceiling), and the Boudoir. Thank you so much to owner Tanya Grossi for designing such a unique and gorgeous space.

Videographer: Colin Vaillancourt
Email: cvaillan93@gmail

Photographer: Sara Monika

Food: Urban Acorn Catering

Venue: The Darling Mansion

Dress: Vera Wang Vintage

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  1. Truly a beautiful wedding. Colorful, intimate yell full, indoor and outdoor space, excellent lighting, and of course the food and table. Did you work with a designer/planner or did you do all this yourself? Love to see a vid on that!

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