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This is our recipe for an Italian inspired vegan rice salad. In this video we’ll show you how to take this summery, healthy and low-fat dish to the next level. If you enjoy great-tasting food, stay tuned for more upcoming recipes.

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15 thoughts on “Rice salad | The Vegan Corner

  1. You live in Scotland? Do you have a restaurant by any chance i would love
    to experience this first hand (Without me fucking up the cooking process) i
    love your videos! :)

  2. You live in Scotland?! ? Me too! This makes your recipes a thousand times
    better knowing that I can probably source the same stuff!

    1. +Petite De Rae Yes, my girlfriend and I live in Edinburgh 🙂 You should be
      able to find our exact same ingredients for sure!

  3. sei italiano! grandissimo! 😀 complimenti per la tua spettacolare
    creatività culinaria! mi aiuterà a rendere i miei piatti vegani più
    appetitosi :-)

  4. What kind of dressing would you recommend with this salad? Do you have any
    videos for salad dressings? Thanks a lot, i love your channel!!! <3

    1. +Bonnie Haskin We have shared only one salad dressing for the moment!
      However, this salad needs no dressing; it should be served as it is 🙂
      Thanks for watching

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