Vegan Florentine Cookies | Almond Lace Cookies

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These vegan almond lace cookies are everything and a bag of almonds. If you like almonds or peanut brittle these vegan florentine cookie aka almond lace cookies will be a huge hit.

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17 thoughts on “Vegan Florentine Cookies | Almond Lace Cookies

  1. yumm!!! for some reason cookies are one of the things i’ve had a hard time with since going vegan…there are SO many recipes for vegan cookies but mine never turn out quite how i want them–will give these a shot!

    1. +jholmie Lol I thought I was the only one…but I’ve never been to good at baking…plus these only have about 4 tbsp of flour so you can’t really go wrong lol..Definetly give these a shot they are really easy and since I got the recipe exactly the way I wanted it…they have come out right everytime. These are my go to cookies now and no1 will ever know there vegan😉😉

  2. Quality content, might wanna change up a few things though. People lose interest easily these days and you gotta keep em intertained. Though this comment is not meant to be slandering, I’ve just had a few friends whom’s channel have died because of this matter of the same content. Though, I do enjoy your content and, hope you have a great easter!!

  3. Those. look really good! I’m gonna have to try them out but I can’t find the recipe in your description box. If u get a chance can u put it in or a link? Also I love to bake and I used to bake my cookies on foil until my roomate told me to use parchment paper. Don’t know if you’ve tried it with baking cookies but try it out if u haven’t already. 🙂

    1. No worries hun. I hope I didn’t come off as demanding. I used to have a channel so I know how much work goes into making videos and trying to be as informative as possible in the description box. It’s very time consuming! I have the vid save in my watch later list along with many other recipe vids for when I’m ready to make them so I figured I’d ask. Thank you!! Have a great Easter with the kiddos 🙂

    2. +V laloca777 Ohh wow lol..I was out yesterday with the fam for my moms bday and wasn’t around when the video went up like I usually am lol and completely forgot to add the recipe link!

      It’s on there now…thanks so much for bringing that to my attention. I have to work on a list to make sure everything gets done when I post lol

  4. Just starting out on my vegan journey and I’m sooo happy I found your channel! You’re so fun to watch and I love your recipes!

    1. +Ashley B. Ohhh awesome congratulations!! Time will fly! I remember when I had just started myself and this weekend marks my year anniversary of being vegan

  5. Great video!!! I use to make these a loooooong time ago but I think with oats. They were a pain in the ass though but you might have inspired me to make them again. ha ha As always, sharing.

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