Vegan Linzer cookies –

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You can punch hole, shaped cutter, or you can even roll flat instead shaping them into logs, then cut with flower/linzer cutter. I uploaded three pictures to show the variety you can make for linzer cookies ^_^

3/4 c shortening, room temperature

2/3 c sugar

2 aquafaba eggs

1 tsp vanilla essence

A drop or two of orange oil

1 1/2 c walnut meal (ground walnut)

2 c flour Icing sugar for sprinkling

Strawberry jam (or whatever flavor)

Beat the first 5 ingredients then beat in the rest til combined

Divide dough into 2 equal portions and shape them into logs

Wrap and chill overnight

Preheat oven 325 f, grease baking sheets

Slice one log into portions

Slice the other log, and punch round or flower shape on the center

Bake 10 mins, let stand on sheet for 1-2 mins, then move cookies to parchment or wax paper until cool completely

Sprinkle icing sugar on punched cookies, and spread jam on the regular cookies, then sandwich the two cookies

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