vegan Marble Cake || vegan Ring cake || veganer Marmorgugelhupf

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Wohoooo I absolutly looooove this recipe!! We make this delicious vegan marlbe cake almost every week!

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I found the original recipe here:

Preheat oven to 180°C (150° fahrenheit)
and cover you cake tin with vegan butter and flour

First mix the solids:
400g flour
2Tbsp starch
1 Pck baking soda
1tsp natron
240g sugar
a good pinch of salt

then mix the liquids:
150ml neutral oil
350 ml nondairy milk
1tbsp apple vinegar

mix the liquid to the solid
and pour half of it into your cake tin

4 tbsp cacao powder
6 tbsp non dairy milk
optional a little rum
and give it to the rest of the dough

pour the 2nd half of your dough into you cake tin and carefully pull a fork through it.

bake for 1 hour

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