WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) \ Sweet Potato Pizza!

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12 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) \ Sweet Potato Pizza!

  1. really want to eat with you! sooo abundant soo delicious!please tell me how much of ingredients for your brunch and how much you eat of these…

    1. the ingredients for my brunch is: 165 gram of rolled oats, 65 grams of raisins, 40 grams of peanuts + 2 frozen apple bananas for the nice cream on the top 😊

  2. honestly i love what you eat!! but it’s hard for me to eat only two times a day!! i am not enjoying my life (which is probably the main problem) so i am home trying to study and i get bored easily and i can’t stop thinking about food! i try to eat healthy but sometimes i eat tortilla chips, chocolate, ect too much. Lately i feel like i know it’s not good for my digestion…and probably only two meals in a day is perfect. I usually have breakfast and then lunch…but after lunch i start binging on everything, why is that?? i feel like i need to change something…

    1. ahhh it’s really unhealthy to be obsessed/thinking about food so much… you cannot enjoy your life that way. Typically when this happens there are a few reasons as to why it occurs….
      1. You’re under-eating– therefore you are not eating enough energy to fuel yourself + get the necessary nutrients your body needs
      2. You are restricting yourself from certain food(s)– which makes you crave and think about food too much
      3. You have one or more areas in your life that are unfulfilled.. so you seek pleasure from food instead…
      If you need more guidance and support you can email me, I’m happy to help 😊

    2. I feel your pain! I also like to snack, but it helps to have a routine.. and even Brittany doesn´t encourage only eating 2 times per day if you have a different lifestyle as hers.. You can have fruits in the morning, then the oatmeal.. I usually make it savory with veggies and seeds..I´ve noticed that this way I feel more satiated and I can wait until dinner.. BUt you need to feel satisfied after each meal 🙂

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